Sports Hall

Our sports hall is available for hire 7 days a week and any time from 9am to 10pm for a range of sports and activities. It is currently used for Badminton, Bowls, Netball, Football, Boxing and birthday parties.

It has 4 badminton courts and basketball nets and is ideal for any number of sporting events including all of the above and so many more.

You can see the hall in the gallery below and make any enquiries using the form at the bottom of the website. Click here to enquire now.

J.C. Hall

Our Jill Cahill Room or ‘JC Hall’ is a smaller community hall for hire featuring a stage and kitchen facilities. It is a perfect hall for smaller gatherings if the space in the sports hall is not required and it is available 7 days a week from 9am to 10pm.

There are some pictures below and you can make any enquiries using the form at the bottom of the site. Click here to enquire now.


About Us

Kingsbury Community and Youth Centre is a charitable organisation in the heart of Kingsbury, for the use by residents of Kingsbury and surrounding areas.


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